Nature experience centre De Oostvaarders is situated on the edge of the Oostvaardersplassen north of Almere. The area is considered to be one of the most unique natural habitats in Europe. In order to appeal to a broad public, De Oostvaarders offers space for an information centre, a restaurant, a classroom (the ‘play and do’ area), a bird-spotting area and a representative space: the area’s calling card. The building was erected at the meeting point of landscapes with a different character: land, water, forest and reed fields.

The building is situated both along and on top of the dyke that surrounds the lakes. De Oostvaarders presents itself in two different ways. There is an inviting side; viewed from the parking area the building functions as a vertical beacon rising from the level land. From the Oostvaarder lakes one sees the camouflaged side; the building is more horizontal, matching the extended dyke. The entrance can be found at the base of the dyke. At dyke level, visitors can enjoy the overwhelming view across the ‘Savannah of the North’ home to Heck cattle and Przewalski’s horses.






Dutch Forestry Commission


Drost + Van Veen Architecten


Reimert BV


Platowood Norway spruce FSC roughly sawn treated with Sansin Ebony