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Wood is alive, but doesn’t live forever. Fortunately, Leegwater has managed to convert this downside into an upside. For about 70 years, Leegwater has managed to keep wood’s natural enemies at bay in a sustainable way.

A wide range of excellent services
Through preservation, drying and coating, and making wood fire-resistant. It’s a good idea, therefore, to have a constructive conversation with Leegwater about the possibilities of building safely, attractively or sustainably in wood before you start designing, building or finishing your wood project.

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Professional preservation of wood and wood products requires an eye for the natural properties of wood, as well as an eye for your wishes and where the wood will be used. Last but not least, it also requires an eye for the requirements set out in the European Construction Products Regulation and environmental regulations.

Wood processing
everything in-house

Preservation, drying, processing and coating of wood, and making wood fire-resistant. All our wood treatments, finishing and processing activities are carried out in-house, with every imaginable wood species.

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Wood processing

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Our assembly services

Delivered as a package

We treat, supply and assemble wooden facades as a complete package. This includes everything from start to finish, such as the support structure, facade material, finishing material, fixing material and labour.

In-house transport company

Leegwater maintains short supply lines as well as tight delivery times. D-trans, the in-house transport company, delivers your perfectly packaged order directly to where you need it.

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D-Trans Transport