Sansin, natural

Characteristic wood protection in all
the colours of the rainbow

Wood looks at its best when it retains its natural appearance after coating or treatment. With Sansin, you can preserve or even highlight the natural characteristics of wood, and at the same time give it the colour and protection you want. Sansin uses only the best pigments. The modified natural oils and resins in the water-based paint penetrate deep into the cells of wood, resulting in intensely deep and long-lasting tints.

Sansin is available as standard in more than 70 colours inspired by nature, but every conceivable colour can be mixed in consultation with Leegwater’s colour laboratory. Samples with the result of your desired colour on a certain type of wood are gladly supplied in consultation.

Computer-assisted coating: fast and precise

Dipping, spraying, application by brush or roller, etc. Sansin can be applied to wood to colour and protect it in a number of simple ways, with the result giving many years of satisfaction. The product only requires minimal preparation for it to bind with wood at cellular level. State-of-the-art, computer-controlled spray lines are used for the finishing touch. Any desired coating system can be used: transparent or opaque, in any colour.

  • The ideal product for highlighting the natural characteristics of wood
  • Sansin only uses the best pigments
  • Available in more than 70 colours inspired by nature
  • Customised advice