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America’s most trusted
brand since 1938

Olympic’s parent company is the market leader in developing coatings for industrial, professional, consumer and special applications. The company was founded in 1883. Both the parent and subsidiary companies operate according to a strict ethical code that is applied worldwide and sets out how to behave responsibly towards employees, customers and the living environment. This responsibility is reflected in products such as Olympic Water Repellent Oil Stain.

Olympic Water Repellent Oil Stain

This linseed oil-based coating, which contains patented Waterguard® Waterproofing Protection, penetrates deep into wood. It helps stabilise moisture levels in wood, balancing it with environmental levels. It also contains Sun Block® U.V. Protection, which neutralises the adverse effects of sunlight. The unique linseed oil formula and generous percentage of pigments gives your wood maximum protection, and also reduces maintenance to a minimum. Olympic Water Repellent Oil Stain takes somewhat longer to dry because of its composition, but it’s perfect for use on wood that needs to be protected from the elements, such as cladding, roof overhangs, sheds, balconies, pergolas and garden fencing.

  • The perfect, low-maintenance-friendly finish for your wood
  • Protects against moisture
  • Paint you can trust
  • Bespoke advice