Fenix I – article Het Houtblad May 2020

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In Het Houtblad issue no. 3 of May 2020 there is an article about project Fenix I in Rotterdam. Architect Robert Platje and Robert Winkel of Mei Architects and Planners talk about their choice for the wooden cladding on the galleries. The importance of fire retardancy is also discussed. After the fire in the Grenfell Tower in London, the fire class became stricter.
<p style = “text-align: left;”> In this project Douglas wood was used, preserved by us with Woodlife HL 50 and with treated fire retardant Flame Delay PT. The wood is coated with Sansin Enviro Stain SDF, where the color ranges from almost opaque white on the bottom floor to almost transparent on the top floor. </p> Read
the full article from Het Houtblad nr. 3-2020 here.

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Photo: Nadine Korringa

Artikel Fenix 1 Het Houtblad mei 2020