Leegwater has an eye
for sustainability

Professional preservation of wood and wood products requires an eye for the natural properties of wood, as well as an eye for your wishes and where the wood will be used. Last but not least, it also requires an eye for the requirements set out in the European Construction Products Regulation and environmental regulations. Only a company that takes all these matters into account can be relied on to deliver the quality you need.

Leegwater has been a leader in wood preservation for about 70 years, and continues to do everything possible to consolidate its place at the top. This is reflected in the company’s commitment to compliance with quality marks and certification marks such as CE, FSC®, PEFC and KOMO with regard to quality, fire safety and building sustainably. Sustainability is a keyword at Leegwater in lots of aspects; not just our relationship with you, but also in making products more sustainable and the methods used to achieve this. The strictest sustainability requirements are also applied to ancillary products, such as the coatings systems supplied. Leegwater imports environmentally sound coating systems in all colours with a certified quality guarantee of 10 years, and these are available from stock.

Leegwater has been the proud holder of the KOMO certificate for ‘Vacuum Pressure Impregnation of Wood’ since the 1980s, so our customers can rest assured about the quality of our products and processes. Moreover, products with a KOMO quality mark automatically comply with the relevant Dutch legislation and regulations in the building industry.

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  • An eye for the natural properties of wood
  • Leegwater operates in accordance with various certificates
  • Products with a certified 10-year quality guarantee 
Leegwater has been at the forefront of wood preservation for around 70 years