Flame Delay®
FX Pro

Fire-retardant treated
wood products

Flame Delay® FX Pro fire-retardant treated wood is vacuum and pressure impregnated with a fully fixing, non-leaching fire retardant.  The treatment uses polymer technology.

Independent tests have shown that Flame Delay® FX Pro has excellent fire-retardant properties, yet completely preserves the technical properties of wood, such as strength and durability. Flame Delay ® FX Pro is odourless and colourless, and leaves no residue on the surface of wood after treatment.


• Flame Delay® FX Pro can be used in interiors.
• Flame Delay® FX Pro can be exposed to the wind and weather without coating; the wood surface will weather naturally. 
• Wood protective coatings can provide fire-retardant treated wood with long-term protection against weathering. 

Fire class

With Flame Delay® FX Pro, various wood species can meet fire class B, S2-d0 in accordance with the European standard NEN-EN 13501-01. Ask your supplier for an up-to-date overview of the tested wood species.

  • Not hygroscopic
  • Fully fixing
  • Not leachable
  • Colourless
  • Suitable for untreated exposure to the wind and weather
  • Based on Polymer technology