Fire retardation
is the number one priority

Leegwater is a pioneer in developing new
methods of  fire retardation 

Leegwater has a leading position in finding ways to make building and using wood safer and more sustainable in the building industry. The European Construction Products Regulation also contains strict fire-safety rules.

These rules have 3 principle aims, namely:

1) to reduce the risk of fire;
2) to delay the fire, so that people have time to escape;
3) to limit a fire to the premises where it started.

Flame Delay® is the answer to complying with these strict requirements. Wood and board materials treated with Flame Delay® are fire-retardant. When heated by fire, the combustible wood gases are bound together, creating a fire-retardant layer on the outside of the wood that protects it against further heating. This delays the development of fire and smoke, giving people more time to leave a building if a fire breaks out. Using wood in buildings might be lovely, but fire safety is paramount.

Leegwater Houtbereiding has been the proud holder of a KOMO product certificate for making wood and wood products fire-retardant since 2008, KOMO represents independently-tested quality, which means that consumers can rely on the quality of our products.

Click here to view our KOMO fire-retardant certificate. 

  • Reduce the risk of fire
  • Proud holder of the KOMO product certificate since 2008
  • Our Flame Delay® products help to delay a fire
  • Using wood in buildings is nice, but fire safety is paramount.