Beautiful new houses in a rural Westzaan style were constructed on a historic path near the old village ribbon of Westzaan. The 10 deluxe residences are detached or linked with a back yard on the Weelsloot providing endless sailing options throughout the beautiful Zaan region landscape. By staggering and rotating the placement of houses and using several housing types, a lively street scene is created, which merges beautifully with the historical centre of Westzaan.

The monumental houses in the Zaan region village were the inspiration for these stylish houses. Familiar elements of this characteristic building style can be found in the beautifully designed facades. Side and rear house additions were designed to resemble sheds, typical of the Zaan region. Traditional and durable materials were used for the facades giving them a rich and traditionally crafted character. Brick, wood and ceramic roof tiles were alternately applied in colours traditionally used in the Zaan region.




End of 2015


Tegro Ontwikkeling B.V. (collaboration between GP Groot and Tervoort Egmond)


FKG Architecten


Tervoort Egmond B.V. 


Thermowood Norway spruce
(Partly) treated with Flame Delay PT,
finished with Sansin Enviro Stain SDF