Zaanse oever Zaandam

In het kort

The Zaanse Oever project was built on the Kalverringdijk in Zaandam, just north of the Zaanse Schans. “A place that bears traces of its history with mills and industry. In order to do justice to this history, we wanted De Zaanse Oever to be in keeping with the Zaanse Schans,” says Niels Nijenhuis of KondorWessels Projecten. For the façades, ‘historic earth colours’ were used, which were used along the Zaan in the period before 1850.

The Zaanse Oever consists of nineteen homes; sixteen homes were given a wooden façade, while three homes were built with a stone façade. The wooden façades were painted with linseed oil paint, a natural product. Nijenhuis: “The paint really penetrates the wood, which has a wonderful effect. The advantage is that it doesn’t need to be repainted for the first ten years.






KondorWessels Projecten


Mulleners en Mulleners Architecten


Ufkes Apeldoorn

Assembly wooden facade

Eskra Bouw bv


Type of wood: Douglas
Fire retardant: Flame Delay PT

Preservation:  Woodlife HL50

Finish: Ottosson lijnoliebeits