Architect Erik Knippers of the Architectenforum: “The Regional Ambulancevoorziening Utrecht (RAVU) aims for a high level of care and uses modern resources where sustainability, professional health and safety conditions and the right price-quality ratio play an important role. (Vision RAVU). We translated these ambitions into a series of buildings that not only offer a communal quality but also greatly match their location.
We took it a step further with the station in Zeist. The materials used here are renewable, as much as possible. Wood was used for the framework and facades.

The building is situated against the edge of the forest and the front walls rise from the landscape. The building opens up on the longer sides.”

“We chose to use a lot of wood, which is a healthy and renewable material. It contributes to a pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to the good insulation and application of an air-water heat pump the building is all-electric and nearly energy neutral.”

In the design, use was made of modified wood in different widths. The wood is maintenance-free and will slowly turn grey.

An article on this project was published in Het Houtblad, in August 2016. Click here to view the article.








Erik Knippers, the Architectenforum


Contracting business Van Zoelen


Type of wood: thermally modified Fraké
Fire retardation: Flame Delay PT
Finish: Sansin Enviro Stain Woodsealer


Stijn Poelstra