A 30 metre high-rise made of wood- that’s PATCH22, the tallest wooden building in the Netherlands.

A loft with a view
PATCH22 is quite a special wooden residence building at the Tweede Papaverdwarsweg with striking facades, large living-work lofts and a generous free height of 3.5 metres per floor. The lofts have a beautiful view of the one hundred meter wide Johan van Hasselt Canal, the IJ and the Amsterdam city centre while overlooking the green landscape of North Holland on the other side.

Spacious, more spacious, most spacious…
The tallest wooden building in the Netherlands consists of six wooden floors placed on a concrete substructure until the building reached a height of 30 metres. By shifting the floors slightly from one another, the effect is that of a nonchalant stack of boxes. On the side of the IJ each box has a brick nogging facade composed of thick wooden beams. Directly on the street side, the plinth boasts a large variety of business functions, offices and businesses from the on-trade sector.

The project was shortlisted for the Zuiderkerkprijs 2016, the award for the best residential building in Amsterdam. PATCH22 was also nominated for the ARC16 Innovation Award.







Lemniskade BV, Amsterdam


FRANZEN et al Architecten


Hillen & Roosen


Douglas fir
treated with Woodlife HL50 and Flame Delay FX Pro
finished with Sansin Enviro Stain Woodsealer